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Icon by the awesome :iconsandroops:

Hello hello everyone!
I think this "deviant ID" thing is supposed to be used to present myself so... Here I go! :icongo-on-zoom-plz:

:iconrapesunplz:The name's Kasia, I'm a 19 year-old chick who likes to draw for fun! By that I mean that having a pencil in my hand means the world to me.
:iconrapemoonplz:I draw a lot but unfortunately I am one of the laziest human beings when it's about posting my stuff.
I try yo be as regular as I can (well, it's more like I post 5 to 7 drawings a year, and I truly apologize for that) :iconlongerthanafewminplz:
As you may have guessed, I am super late when I have to draw stuff for people, or even for myself, so if you ever ask me for a commission, be prepared to wait like, a lot (I'm so sorry for that!!) :iconalotofmathlaterplz:
However, I have a few drawings ready for you guys and I'll try to post at least 2 drawings a week! :iconheroposeplz:
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the crap I post here and feel free to tell me anything you want (about my drawings or not)
I am a very talkative person and I always answer to my comments and notes.
I guess that's all I had to say... I'll probably edit that in 2 or 3 days but I think it's okay for now (I'll add like, stamps and a list of the awesome people I know here... :heart:)

People I know in real life
:iconsandroops: is my older sister (irl) and she's the most amazing artist and person I've ever met (I don't know if I can use the term "met" here since we've been together all our lives - more like all my life but still) She is really awesome and I love her very very very much!

:iconblowingmewalck: is one of my closest friends, I met her 2 years ago and I love her very much too!!!

:iconluluxoria: is a friend I met this year and she's awesome!!

People who make my life awesome!
:iconpolugritiya: :iconbarbouilleuh: :iconmdame-candice-v: :icondessinateur777: :iconlagoonartastic: :iconshadowrider1232: :iconblackxmath: :iconsevenlole: :iconf0xf1r3: :iconcoco-f: :iconemidikun: :iconwangchenxing: :iconptitchka: :iconmissingmom: :iconveratai: :iconlightfaith0606: :iconlunabones: :iconinesmll: :iconsherlockedhazza: :iconbluerosekelly: :iconjaneybaelish: :iconmcnlove: :iconalyxander12: :iconprincess-toher-love2: :iconmahoujirou: :iconwolfgrowl96: :iconanimequeen20012003: :iconjacobxbella4ever: :iconburgerforlunsh: :iconelfalaura: :iconsonic-jinx: :iconkennyzened: :iconiesacejs: :iconthecraftraccoon: :iconlizzy2222: :iconphyphydi: :iconveronica-arts: :iconanimeloving97: :iconshinyshelly: :iconbluerosekelly: :iconveritasy: :iconyaraffinity: :iconfantasy-fashionista:

:iconinstagramplz:: :icontwitterplz:: :icontumblrplz::

I ask you not to use, reproduce, touch, repost or do anything with any of my pictures here on deviantArt or anywhere else without my proper written permission. Thank you

.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios Thank You... by jennyleigh Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish HA I'm Copyright Protected by de-Mote Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold Forgetful by prosaix The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull Friends stamp by Meddle689 Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Nice Butt Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Hetalia - Axis Powers Stamp by Yuzuki-Nitsu Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo Another apocalypse... by prosaix Death Note Stamp by polaralex Spongebob Squarepants Stamp by BagToon Not a pussy by prosaix Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessence Evrythng Will Be Okay Stmp+PLZ by Mirz123 Narnia Stamp by Kezzi-Rose El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Walt Disney Animated Stamp by hanakt The Hunger Games Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL The Avengers + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler Anastasia + Dimitri Stamp by TwilightProwler Thumbelina + Prince Cornelius Stamp by TwilightProwler Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 That's What She Said - stamp by SarahFoster Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Artist Rights by taruto Whut? by Plumey Cheshire Cat Stamp by hexidecimalhack :Grell Sutcliff Fan: Stamp by NyAppyMiku22 Sarcasm Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps awkward moments by Mr-Stamp Yzma and Kronk by ovstamps

Artist asks and dA meme (tags)

Sun Jun 28, 2015, 2:19 PM
Hello hello everyone, I just got tagged to do 2 or 3 memes, and well, I'm going to do them now since I've got nothing else to do atm~

First, I got tagged by my dear friend :iconmdame-candice-v: to do the Artist Asks! tag.

Pink Square Bullet Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
Honestly, I feel like traditional art is more poetic than digital art... But I still love some pieces of digital drawings. What I say is just that I believe that having the final version of a drawing in your hands is an awesome feeling, while, drawing digitally is often seen as something more... I won't say easy, because I know it's quite hard to do colors and all, but you don't have that much of an option with tradi tools, like, there's no layers, no badass eraser, and if you don't have a color, you are forced to do without it...

Pink Square Bullet How long have you been drawing?
From Mom's answer, I've been drawing forever... Which isn't really surprising since I've been drawing since...well, I can't remember a part of my life where I haven't been drawing... But I seriously started drawing since I joined dA (basically, 3 years ago, when I was 16 years old)

Pink Square Bullet How many classes have you taken?

Classes? Like Art classes? Well, never... I'm a completely self taught artist. 

Pink Square Bullet Do you have a Tumblr, Facebook, personal website, or art blog?

I do have a tumblr, it's but it's not entirely art-related, I mean, of course I post some drawings there, but it's mostly personal stuff. Feel free to comment me yours, I'll be happy to follow you guys!
I do not have a facebook, nor a personal website, but I have a twitter and instagram, I have links on my profile page.

Pink Square Bullet What’s your favorite thing to draw?

Well, surprisingly enough, my fave thing to draw is clothes... And eyes and hair too!

Pink Square Bullet What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

The other eye *scary music in the background* No, seriously, drawing the left eye is just a nightmare to me... I spend hours and hours before getting a pretty acceptable result... so... the other eye is my own personal nightmare...

Pink Square Bullet How often do you use references?

I don't usually use references, I just... draw... Maybe that's one of the reasons why my drawings always look like one another...

Pink Square Bullet Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?

I don't know if doing commissions counts as "professionally" but well, except for that, it's only for fun.

Pink Square Bullet How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

It really depends on my mood. I can spend an entire week without drawing anything, but I can draw for 10 days straight for like, 20hrs a day.

Pink Square Bullet Are you confident about your art?

Absolutely not. I am not confident about a single thing in my life. To me, my drawings can always be better, and it's not even about being a complete paranoid perfectionist, but I don't feel confident about my art at all, like, whenever I see other people's art, I can't help but feel depressed, but well, that's part of the game, right?  

Pink Square Bullet How many art-related blogs do you follow?

I don't really follow art related blogs, but I do follow tons of artists, on dA, on tumblr, and so on...

Pink Square Bullet Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

Of course!! I'd be honored if people asked me stuff on how I draw. I love receiving notes and comments and I pay attention to always respond to everything I get.

Pink Square Bullet Do you prefer to keep your art personal, or do you like drawing things for other people?

Once again, I do commissions, so I obviously like drawing stuff for people, (I'm just lazy so I spend months sketching for them, until I get a good idea) But I can't say my art isn't personal either, like, I know I have a completely weird/ f*cked up art style and so on, so that's something I'm trying to build on...

Pink Square Bullet Do you ever collaborate with others?

I'd honestly love to!! But I never collaborated with anyone (except for a bad experience where someone asked me to color one of my drawing and ended up drawing my idea in their own style, completely "stealing" my drawing from me) except for my sister :iconsandroops: who is just wonderful! (go watch her, if you're not already!! ^^)

Pink Square Bullet How long does an average piece take you to complete?
Once again, it depends on my motivation. I can take weeks, even months to finish a drawing, or take a few hours (like 4-5), or even sketch a bit and finish the drawing in less than an hour.

Pink Square Bullet Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?

Definitely more. At least, I've been drawing a lot this year, mainly because I acquired many new tools I wanted to experiment with.

Pink Square Bullet Do you think you’re justified in giving other people art advice?

Absolutely not. Once again, I am not confident in what I do. But if people ask me how I do stuff, I'd gladly answer, but I don't know if that can be considered in "art advice".
Pink Square Bullet What are you currently trying to improve on?

I'd say, drawing different poses and trying to get my drawing to look...cleaner.

Pink Square Bullet What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?

The other eye... *same scary music in the background*

Pink Square Bullet What is the easiest thing for you to draw?

The first eye (the one on the right of the pic) and clothes, and hair.

Pink Square Bullet Do you like to challenge yourself?

Nope! Everytime I've tried to do that, I've become more depressed (about my capacities).

Pink Square Bullet Are you confident that you’re improving steadily?

I sure am improving, but not enough, and not fast enough...

Pink Square Bullet Do you draw more fanart, or more original art?

I draw both. I mean, drawing fanart is awesome when you're in an art-block but original art is better whenever I'm feeling sad or just not-in-the-mood.

Pink Square Bullet Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)

Both. More jealous than inspired, but I believe that getting inspired of people's artwork may be a sort of art theft, at a certain level. If I just like a pose and I want to do something w the same pose it's okay, but I'd hate if someone were to be inspired and "copy" one of my drawings... It already happened many times and that's something I despise...

Pink Square Bullet Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Definitely with music!

Pink Square Bullet For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?

Pink Square Bullet For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?

Pink Square Bullet For traditional artists: what medium do you like most? (Pencil, charcoals, etc)

Eeeh... The list's gonna be pretty long here! I use regular pencils, mechanical pencils, regular color pencils, watercolor pencils, markers, pens, felt pens, and so on...

Pink Square Bullet For traditional artists: How do you usually start on a big piece? (Light sketch, colored lead, sketchpaper, etc)

Most of my pieces are A4, so I use some color pencils for the basic sketch, mechanical pencils, and liners...

This one's over, so I'm gonna do the dA meme, I stole from :iconjacobxbella4ever:

DA Username: KaKazou
Name: Kasia
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Kazou, Kasié, Kasir, Kah and so on... My siblings and I love to give each other nicknames!
Country: France!
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Number of Past Accounts: None
Number of Past Usernames: none  
First Username: KaKazou
Original Join Date: July 12, 2012
Premium Member?: Yep! Until July 23, 2015
Watchers: 645
Deviations: 288
Favorites: 10,253 

Favorite Digital Art Program: I don't use any
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: My good old mechanical pencil.
Favorite dA Artists: :iconsandroops: :iconlitanayasha: :iconmdame-candice-v: :iconalyxander12: and many others
Favorite TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Chuck, Psych, and some others
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, Mayday parade, Three doors down, Three days grace, and some others

Sexual Orientation: Straight  
Religious Affiliation?: I'd better keep that for me. I believe that people should know me first, before knowing my religion.
Pets: My little sister
Scars: One scar on my face, between my lower lip and my chin.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Alcohol: Nope
Drugs: Does chocolate count?
Height: 5'6'' (1m68)
Weight: hahahahaha... ugh

Digital or Traditional: Traditional!
Beach or Mountains: Beach 
Dolphins or Sharks: Sharks
On sunny days, you: stay home and sleep
On rainy days, you: stay home and sleep
On hot days, you: stay home and sleep
On cold days, you: stay home and sleep :heart:

My little sister (who is just next to me atm) is giving me things to write so...
1. I have curly hair
2. I like to do nail art
3. I sleep a lot
4. I like wasting time with makeup (for fun)
5. I like pop and weird art
6. I like the Marvel Universe
7. I like horror movies
8.I cried for 'Grave of the fireflies' (seriously, who didn't?!)
9. I like punk and metal music (and a lot more, but I really enjoy those)
10. It's over and now I'm going to play the Sims 3 with her!

11. She got a british flag in school and she just put it in my hair and plays with it...

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Bastille - Oblivion
  • Reading: The Master of Rampling Gate
  • Playing: The Sims 3


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